Mark Williams
Top Five Most Requested Jira Integrations
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Hybrid and cross-domain teams today use a variety of best-in-class tools that are designed to make their work easier, automated and intuitive. For example, the popular issue and work management tool from Atlassian, Jira is widely used by agile teams for its in-built support for the iterative paradigm of development and testing. In addition, Jira’s robust workflow mapping and issue-tracking capabilities make it the preferred choice across various industries globally.
However, stakeholders such as product managers, QA leads, or business analysts often use specialized off-the-shelf solutions that serve their needs better. This leads to a fragmented tool ecosystem impacting visibility, collaboration, productivity, traceability, and data integrity across the value chain. How can teams continue to fully leverage the flexibility and benefits of Jira while continuing to seamlessly collaborate with other members of the team using different tools?

Here are some examples of how you can extend Jira’s capabilities by integrating it with some of the most requested DevOps and Agile tools to foster collaboration, transparency, and traceability throughout the federated value chain. Read more

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