Sr. No. System Versions Supported Entities Supported
1Azure DevOps Server/Azure DevOps Services (TFS/VSTS)2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 (up to Update 3), 2017, 2017 Update 2, 2018, 2019, 2020All System and Custom Work items such as Bug, Change Request, Epic, Feature, Impediment, Issue, Product Backlog Item, Review, Requirement, Risk, User Story AgilityCloud/On-Premise: From 10.x to 21.xBacklog Item, Defect, Epic, Goal, Issue, Request, Task, Theme, Build Run, Actuals
3Jama ConnectCloud/Self-Hosted : From 8.22 and aboveBacklog Item, Defect, Epic, Goal, Issue, Request, Task, Theme, Build Run, Actuals
4JiraCloud; On Premise: (Server and Data Center):4.x (except 4.4), from 5.x.x to 8.22.x, On Premise: (Data Center): 9.0.0 to 9.4.xAll System & Custom Issue Types (For example: Bug, User Story, Epic, etc), Sub-Task Types
5Jira AlignSaaSCapability, City, Customer, Defect, Epic, Ideation, Initiative, Portfolio, Product, Program, Program Increment, Region, Release Vehicle, Snapshot, Sprint, Story, Task, Theme, Value Stream, Objectives
6Micro Focus ALM10.0*, 11.0 (Patch 8 i.e. Micro Focus ALM/QC 11.00 Service Pack 3 and later), 11.5, 11.5x, 12.0, 12.2, 12.5, 12.52, 12.53, 12.55, 12.6,15.0,16.xDefect, Requirement
7RallyRally Version: All (API Version: v2.0)Portfolio Items, Defect, Task, User Story, Change Set (Write support only)
8ServiceNowglide-fuji-12-23-2014__patch3-04-07-2015*, Geneva Patch 7, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston, London, Madrid, New York, Orlando, Paris, Quebec, Rome, San Diego, TokyoAll System and Custom Tables

For integration of more systems or entities or to scale up your existing integration to an enterprise level, please refer to Professional/ Ultimate Edition