• Sr. No. System Entities Supported
    1ALM OctaneRequirement Folder, Requirement Document, Defect, Epic, Feature, Story, Quality Story, Task, Test Suite, Test Manual, Gherkin Test, Run Manual (includes both manual_run and gherkin_run), Milestone, Release, Sprint, Run Suite, Team, Test Suite
    2BlueprintAll system/custom entities
    4ClarityRoadmap Item, Project, Task
    5CA Service Desk ManagerChange Request, Incident, Problem, Issue
    6Caliber RMRequirement
    7Enterprise ArchitectElement, Diagram, Operation (Read only), Attribute (Read only)
    9GitCommit information
    10GitHubCommit information and Pull Request
    11GitLabCommit, Issues
    12Micro Focus ALM / Micro Focus QCDefect, Requirement, Test, Test Set, Test Set Folder (Write only) (supported for SaaS and On-Premise: Version 12 and above) , Test Run, Cycle (supported in Micro Focus ALM/QC 11 and above), Release (supported in Micro Focus ALM/QC 11 and above), Trigger Support: Test Set, Execution Request
    13Helix ALMRequirement, Defect, Test Case
    14IBM Rational ClearCase*Delivery Information
    15IBM Rational ClearQuestDefect/Any stateful record type
    16IBM Rational DOORSRequirement, Baseline (Read Support)
    17IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS NextAll artifacts for Text and Collection format
    18IBM Rational RequisitePro*Requirement (All custom-created requirement types supported)
    19IBM Rational Team ConcertProcess Template/All custom entities
    20JamaAll except Attachment, Set, Component, Section, Core
    21JenkinsBuild (Polling, Trigger)
    22JiraAll System & Custom Issue Types, Sub-Task Types, Version and Worklog; Sub-Task write, and Version are not supported below Jira Version 5.0
    23Jira AgileSprint, Epic, Link
    24Jira Project and Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Items
    25Jira R4JFolders, R4J Relationships between Folders and Jira Issues
    26Jira Service DeskAll System & Custom Issue Types
    27Jira ZephyrTest and Test Cycle & Test Execution
    28Jira SLA PowerboxSLA Metric field (read only) for Issue Types
    29Jira XrayTest, Test Set, Test Plan, Test Execution, Sub Test Execution and Pre-Condition
    30Mercurial*Commit information
    31MS Dynamics*All system entities
    32Modern RequirementsTest Suite, Test Run, Test Result, All Workitems such as Bug, Requirement, Task, Test Case, User Story, Shared Steps, Iteration, Area Path, User Group, Team, Git Commit Information, and all custom entities types
    34Helix Core (Earlier Perforce)Commit Information (Only read support)
    35Windchill RV&S (Earlier PTC Integrity)Change Order, Change Request, Defect, Document, Input, Input Document, Shared Input, Library, MKS Solution, Model, Model Element, Shared Model Element, Portfolio, Product, Project, Requirement, Shared Requirement, Specification, Specification Document, Shared Specification, Simulation, Test Case, Shared Test Case, Test Group, Test Objective, Test Plan, Test Session, Test Step, Test Suite, Work Item, All Custom Entities
    36Tricentis qTestDefect, Requirement, Testcase, Testlog, Release, Build (Only poll), Test Cycle, Test Suite, Test Run
    37RALLYPortfolio Items, Defect, Task, Test Case, Test Case Result,Test Set, User Story, Change Set (Only write Support), Release, Iteration, Milestone
    38RedmineRedmine Issue and all Custom Issue types
    41SalesforceCase, Opportunity, Feeds, All custom objects
    42SERENA BUSINESS MANAGER*All Custom Primary Item entities
    43ServiceNowAll system and custom tables
    44SlackPolling supported for comments and attachments; writing supported for comments, attachments and post
    45SubversionCommit information
    46TeamForgeAll System/Custom Tracker Types, Planning Folders, Teams
    47Azure DevOps Server (Earlier TFS)Test Suite, Test Run, Test Result, All Work items such as Bug, Requirement, Task, Test Case, User Story, Shared Steps and All Custom Entity Types, Iteration, Area Path, User Group, Team and User (For Versions greater than 2010)

    Dashboard, Query, Widget (For Versions greater than or equal to 2017)

    Only Polling Support for : Git Commit Information (For Versions greater than or equal to 2016), Build (For Versions greater than or equal to 2019) (Limited release - May change in future and requires OpsHub Professional Services engagement)

    48Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)Commit information
    49TestRailTest suites, Test cases, Sections, Test runs, Tests, Test results, Test plans, and Milestones
    50Trac*Trac Ticket
    51Digital.ai Agility (Formerly VersionOne)Backlog Item, Defect, Epic, Goal, Issue, Request, Task, Test, TestSet, Theme, Project/Release, Iteration, Build Run, Changesets, Actuals
    52Azure DevOps (Earlier VSTS)Test Suite, Test Run, Test Result, All Workitems such as Bug, Requirement, Task, Test Case, User Story, Shared Steps, Iteration, Area Path, Dashboard, Query and Widget.

    Only Polling Support for Git Commit Information, *Build (Build Entity – Limited Release. May change in future and requires OpsHub Professional Services engagement)

    53ZendeskZendesk Ticket

    * System will be available under Professional Services engagement only.

    Sr. No. System Versions Supported Entities Supported
    1Atlassian JiraCloud 5.x.x to 8.7.x, 4.x (except 4.4)Bug, Change, Epic, Feature, Improvement, Incident, New Feature, Problem, Service Request, Story, Task
    2Micro Focus ALM / Micro Focus QCOn-Premise: 10.0*, 11.0, 11.5, 11.5x, 12.0, 12.2, 12.5, 12.52, 12.53, 12.55, 12.6, 15.xDefect, Requirement
    3Microsoft Azure DevOps Server (Earlier TFS)/Azure DevOps Services (Earlier VSTS)2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 (up to Update 3), 2017, 2017 Update 2, 2018, 2019, 2020Bug, Change Request, Epic, Feature, Impediment, Issue, Product Backlog Item, Review, Requirement, Risk, User Story
    4ServiceNowglide-fuji-12-23-2014__patch3-04-07-2015*, Geneva Patch 7, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston, London, Madrid, New York, Orlando, Paris, QuebecChange, Defects, Enhancements, Incident, Portfolios, Problem, Programs, Projects, Stories