Press Release: OpsHub Helps Canvas Ex...

Mark Williams
Press Release: OpsHub Helps Canvas Expand its Cloud Footprint in Azure DevOps

Palo Alto, CA. March 09, 2023: OpsHub, Inc., helps Canvas Credit Union, a renowned financial cooperative, to move to the Azure Cloud by seamlessly migrating from Azure DevOps Server (On premise) to Azure DevOps.

Canvas Credit Union, a noted / preeminent financial services company that offers a wide range of financial products and services, including savings, free checking, loans, mortgages, and online & mobile banking, partnered with OpsHub, the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams, for the consolidation and migration of multiple projects from Azure DevOps Server into a single project on Azure DevOps (Cloud version).

Information silos prevent organizations and stakeholders from acting quickly and making informed, data-driven decisions. When data lives in multiple, separate projects, teams do not perform optimally. When access to information is blocked or restricted, these teams may and deliver substandard results. Therefore, it is critical to have a transparent ecosystem that allows cross-team collaboration and holistic view of the information in real-time. Additionally, when migrating from a legacy system to a new one, preserving historical information is vital so that no institutional knowledge or mission critical data is lost. When Canvas Credit Union decided to address these issues by consolidating projects and migrating to the Cloud, OpsHub became the key partner to accelerate their cloud adoption efforts. Canvas and OpsHub teams collaboratively designed a migration plan to enable Canvas to transition smoothly to Azure DevOps (Cloud) and reap its benefits.

OpsHub facilitated our migration to Azure DevOps (Cloud version) efficiently, allowing us to have a portfolio view of work and projects across our digital and IT teams. As a result, our teams and systems were able to communicate with each other seamlessly. Moreover, we were able to retain our history, which was one of our key concerns.”, opines Mike Ranson, AVP of IT – Enterprise Solutions, Canvas Credit Union.

De-risking modernization and cloud adoption requires a non-disruptive data migration strategy that accelerates business transformation projects without impacting business continuity or employee productivity. OpsHub enables organizations to avoid lock-in to legacy tools by preserving historical data, empowering teams to take informed and data-led decisions. Ultimately, this enables teams to accelerate decision making and release high-quality products faster.” said Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub Inc.

About OpsHub
OpsHub is the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams. OpsHub increases the pace of innovation of agile teams at hundreds of enterprise customers. OpsHub democratizes effective decision making by offering complete information to each team member in the tool of their choice. As a result, enterprises using OpsHub can deliver innovative products and services faster with higher quality, and at a lower cost.

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Canvas Credit Union is a safe and insured financial institution with over $4.2 billion in assets and nearly 298,000 members. Canvas provides a full array of financial products and services, including savings, checking, loans, mortgages, and online and mobile options. Serving Colorado communities for more than 84 years, Canvas currently has 33 branches. Internally, Canvas is well recognized for its culture and has been certified by the Great Place to Work® Institute for four consecutive years.