Press Release: OpsHub Announces Enhan...

Mark Williams
Press Release: OpsHub Announces Enhancements to Community Edition of OpsHub Integration Manager

The Community Edition of OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) empowers software innovation teams by offering no-cost solution for 9 popular Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools.

Palo Alto, CA. December 6, 2022 – OpsHub, Inc., the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams, announced key enhancements to its free edition of OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM).

OIM’s Community Edition is a highly popular and sought-after integration solution that helps agile innovation teams make timely and effective decisions based on rich, interconnected information and comprehensive insights across siloed toolchains. It supports integration between the top DevOps and ALM tools including Azure DevOps (Server and Services), Atlassian Jira, Micro Focus ALM, ServiceNow, Jama Connect, Agility, Rally, and Jira Align. In addition to a no-compromise, no-cost solution that enables real-time visibility across some of the most popular ALM tools, OIM also supports users with best practices, resources and support through the OpsHub Community Portal.

The recent enhancements to OIM Community Edition include detection of obsolete artifacts in end systems, field synchronization in comments, and support for in-line images. The recent release is certified for Jira version 8.22x and ServiceNow Tokyo. Some exciting feature enhancements for Jira users include added bidirectional support through Stagil Assets plugin and synchronization of users and user mentions.

OIM Community Edition is the only no-compromise solution for enterprise grade integration that offers contextual and timely access to each user in their tool of choice. OpsHub’s enterprise federation fabric and rich integration solution with extensive community support is a critical tool for organizations to level the playing field and leverage the benefits of cross-team collaboration, visibility and insights.

For agile teams that need to accelerate the pace of innovation, OpsHub provides each team member with comprehensive information to make timely and effective decisions, overcoming the challenges posed by a siloed, multi-tool ecosystem,” said Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub, Inc. “We are delighted to offer continuous enhancements to OIM’s Community offering, democratizing innovation for enterprises of any size and at any stage in their business transformation story.”

About OpsHub
OpsHub is the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams. OpsHub increases the pace of innovation of agile teams at hundreds of enterprise customers. OpsHub democratizes innovation by offering complete information to each team member in the tool of their choice. As a result, enterprises using OpsHub can deliver innovative products and services faster with higher quality, and at a lower cost.

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