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Mark Williams
Press Release: OpsHub Accelerates Tool Adoption in the Azure DevOps Landscape with OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator

OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM) empowers software innovation teams to seamlessly migrate between Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps with zero downtime.

Palo Alto, CA. December 8, 2022: OpsHub, Inc., the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams, announced key feature enhancements to OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM).

OpsHub Azure DevOps Migrator (OADOM) empowers teams to migrate projects between different supported versions of Azure DevOps Server (previously known as Team Foundation Server (TFS)) and Azure DevOps (formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)) without disruption or downtime. Enterprise-grade migrations in the Azure DevOps landscape are inherently complex and risky as they have potential implications on years’ worth of legacy data. OADOM de-risks modernization and migration projects allowing teams to capture institutional data and maintain high data fidelity.

OpsHub recently announced a host of feature enhancements to OADOM that further cement its position in the market as the leading enterprise-class product for Azure DevOps migrations. With enhancements such as shared query, dashboard, widgets, Git linkages, swimlanes and user mentions, OADOM’s new release enables users to preserve data integrity across Azure DevOps organizations and projects without compromising on productivity and systems availability.

OADOM is designed to allow an agile approach to data migration that is inherently low-risk, incremental, iterative and ensures continuous availability of both the source and target systems right up to the switchover.

The rapid pace of innovation and ever-evolving software development landscape means that teams face significant challenges around visibility and collaboration among multiple projects/organizations in Azure DevOps. This becomes a business imperative with the realities of mergers, acquisitions, divestiture, team restructuring, etc.

A critical success factor for today’s multi-functional and geographically distributed teams is the ability to share, restructure and consolidate data at the project/organization level in Azure DevOps. While this sounds easy, it can be a complex undertaking especially if you want to preserve history, comments, artifacts and transaction flows. OADOM enables teams to migrate and transform data at the project or organization level, empowering each team member with the information they need with a seamless, non-disruptive migration.

One of the primary drivers of innovation is the ability to adopt modern, flexible, and task-appropriate tools that allow teams to accelerate the pace of software delivery,” says Sandeep Jain, CEO, OpsHub, Inc. “However, modern data migration projects are tricky and carry the risks of systems downtime, loss of productivity and loss of information that is critical from the operations and compliance perspective.”

The right migration strategy combined with a high-fidelity migration tool such as OADOM is necessary for enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation and ship high quality products faster.

About OpsHub

OpsHub is the leading provider of Digital Mesh solutions for agile innovative teams. OpsHub increases the pace of innovation of agile teams at hundreds of enterprise customers. OpsHub democratizes innovation and effective decision making by offering complete information to each team member in the tool of their choice. As a result, enterprises using OpsHub can deliver innovative products and services faster with higher quality, and at a lower cost.

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