Press Release: OpsHub Empowers Teams ...

Mark Williams
Press Release: OpsHub Empowers Teams to Collaborate with Enhancements to Community Edition

OpsHub Integration Manager’s Community Edition is designed to enable software innovation teams to seamlessly collaborate across best-of-breed tools.

Palo Alto, CA. April 12, 2022 – OpsHub, Inc., the leading provider of ALM integration and migration solutions for enterprises, today announced major enhancements to OpsHub Integration Manager, Community Edition.

The Community Edition empowers teams to make informed decisions by making rich information available in the tool of their choice. It supports integration between some of the leading DevOps tools: Azure DevOps (Server and Services), Atlassian Jira, Micro Focus ALM, ServiceNow, Jama Connect, Agility, Rally, and Jira Align. Users of OIM (OpsHub Integration Manager) Community Edition also benefit from extensive support through the OpsHub Community Portal.

Contextual and timely access to information in each person’s tool of choice is critical to accelerating innovation. As a result, a comprehensive, enterprise-class integration solution becomes a necessity for the success of innovation teams. OIM’s Community Edition democratizes the DevOps integration landscape, ensuring an enterprise-ready, no-compromise solution that boosts meaningful collaboration and visibility. It is available for the first time to organizations and teams of all sizes and needs.

OpsHub’s Community Edition is designed to help hybrid innovation teams and organizations looking to integrate some of the most popular ALM systems without writing a single line of code. In addition, users will benefit from advanced features such as two-way sync, multi-project synchronization, relationship synchronization, reporting, and notifications.

“Organizations delivering innovative products or services cannot afford avoidable delays and errors caused by information gaps,” says Sandeep Jain, CEO of OpsHub, Inc. “OIM Community Edition is a game-changer for organizations looking to scale up their software innovation efforts with better transparency, traceability, and collaboration across teams. It enables team members with real-time visibility into cross-functional updates in their preferred tool, allowing them to make informed decisions and act faster”.

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