Now that you are here, it means something is not working right for the integration you configured.

Most likely, integration is configured but data is not synchronizing.

Give a few minutes for the data to synchronize. If the data still doesn’t synchronize, follow the instructions given below.

  • Check that the Integration User is not being used for making changes in the end system. Changes made by Integration User in the end systems are ignored by OpsHub Integration Manager. Log in into the end system using a different user.
  • Check that user used for examining the synchronization has sufficient rights to access the projects/entities in the target system. If not, provide sufficient rights.
  • Check that the project name and the project path defined in the integration is correct. If not, correct the name and path.
  • Check the polling time in the integration. The polling time must be set to a time before the entities were created or updated in the source system. Reset the polling time if it’s not set correctly.
  • Check whether there are failure(s) logged for the integration. You can read about Failure Management here.
troubling shooting

  • Situation 1: Not able to write in the target system
  • Reason: Integration is trying to write invalid data onto the target system. For example, integration is trying to write status with value highest in a system that doesn’t have this value.
  • Solution:Correct the mapping and retry the failure.

target system

  • Situation 2: Null/Empty/Invalid values are coming for Mandatory fields in target system from the source system
  • Reason: Mandatory fields for the target system are not mapped correctly
  • Solution:
    1. De-activate the integration. Open the mapping for which you received this error in the edit mode.
    2. Map the Mandatory field with source system’s field or pass a default value by mapping the field with OH_Default.
    3. Update the mapping, activate and save the integration again. Now, retry the failure.

target system The best practice to avoid this failure is to make corresponding source field mandatory or always map it with a default field value during mapping.
OpsHub Integration Manager

  • Situation 3: Received the following error Entity synchronization is failing due to error: OpsHub-012010: Processing Stopped – earlier event(s) for entity have to be processed first.
  • Reason: A failed event on a given entity is blocking further synchronization. For example, if OpsHub Integration Manager notices that for entity E1, there is already a failed event in the queue, then all further updates will fail with the above error.
  • Solution: To fix this error, first find the entity on which the error is coming and fix the error. To get the Entity Id of the entity on which error is coming, follow the steps given below:
    1. Go to OpsHub Integration Manager Dashboard and click on the Integration Name.
    2. OpsHub Integration Manager
    3. The exclamation marks represent errors. Pink exclamation mark is Global Failure and Red exclamation mark is Processing Failure. You can click the error directly or click the relevant tab (Global Failure/Processing Failure) to know what the error is. We click the Processing Failure tab.
    4. Click the OpsHub Integration Manager sign in the error (right corner) to expand the error.
    5. You can see the Entity Id column listed in the error.
    6. Fix the error on the entity and retry all failed events for the entity. The error OpsHub-012010 should be processed during retries.