System here refers to ServiceNow.

  • To continue with the integration you are configuring, it is important that you configure ServiceNow correctly onto OpsHub Integration Manager.
    • In the system configuration page, fill the requisite details.
system configuration

Sr. No. Field Name Description
1System NameProvide ServiceNow system name
2VersionProvide instance version, such as Jakarta, London, Madrid
3ReleaseProvide the server URL for the ServiceNow instance. This URL will be used for connecting to ServiceNow API. Format: http://<host name>:<port no>/qcbin Example : https://<instance-id>
4User NameProvide a dedicated user (enter User Name in this field) for API communication with your ServiceNow instance. This user should have the required privileges to use the ServiceNow API.
5PasswordProvide the password for the user given in "User Name" field.