• The launch screen will be this:

  • On launching the installer, the license agreement window will appear. If you agree with the license terms and conditions, then proceed to Installation.
  • Select the installation directory.
    • All the log files, configuration files, and servers are placed in this directory. If the directory is not available, create a directory as per your specifications.

  • Now, select the Installation type (database).

  • Click the checkbox adjacent to Advance Configuration option only if you have to install OpsHub Integration Manager in https mode.
  • You can learn about https configuration in detail here, SSL Certificate Configuration.
  • Now, select the MSSQL Server option in the installation type section.
  • The input form then asks you to select the Authentication mode: SQL Authentication or Windows Authentication.

  • Specify the database credentials (as shown in the image below) to connect to MS SQL and give the path of the Connector Jar to allow OpsHub Integration Manager for database transactions.
1. For SQL Authentication mode:

2. Windows Authentication Mode:

Note: For using Named Instance of MSSQL Server, append the Instance Name to the Database Host Name, separated by %. For e.g., localhost%SQLExpress. In the case of name Instance, port is optional.