Managing Integrations

Apart from configuring an integration, there are multiple other actions such as deleting, executing, and cloning an integration that come under the Managing Integrations section.

Click the exclamation mark icon against an integration name to perform multiple actions on the integration.

  • Delete Integration: Delete the selected integration
  • Configure Reconciliation: Set reconciliation rules
  • Clone Integration: Create a copy of the selected integration
  • Failure Notification: Allow OpsHub Integration Manager to send failure notifications after the integration is active
  • Activate/Inactivate Integration: Activate or Inactivate the selected integration
  • Execute Integration: Execute all the settings defined in the selected integration
  • Dump Integration Data: Extract the integration-related details onto your machine


  • Some of these actions: Activate/Inactivate, Execute, Failure Notification can be performed as a bulk operation for multiple integrations. You can also select multiple integrations and move them to another folder.
  • Some of these action buttons might be in a de-activated mode depending upon the OpsHub Integration Manager version you are using.